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Evangel Temple... Good Work at LARTC
Rod and Sherry Boyd

Springfield Evangel Temple

Springfield Evangel TemplePastor Charlie Arsenault brought a team of twenty from Evangel Temple (Springfield, MO) to complete a variety of projects at the LARTC. The team worked on three main fronts:

Half of the team worked as the painting crew. They did final spackling, base paint and final coat on the inside of the Atrium. They applied base paint and final coat to about two-thirds of the outside walls. They also painted about two-thirds of the housing wing doors. The “before and after” contrast in each of these areas was remarkable!

Springfield Evangel TempleA quarter of the team built 70 linear feet of base cabinets for three areas in the commercial kitchen and breakfast room. Half were for the large U-shaped cabinets in the breakfast room. The remaining cabinets form a 6-foot square island and 20-foot L-shaped corner wall cabinets in the commercial kitchen. The white translucent acrylic fronts are gorgeous!

A quarter of the team built frames and stretched 30 large canvass prints of Panamanian landscapes provided by David and Deborah Kaiser’s business Digitype Design, our Little Davey Project team leaders. The team hung canvasses in the second floor guestrooms and hallway, library, conference room and hallway outside of the office, adding a homey feel to these areas.

Springfield Evangel TempleThank you, Pastor Charlie and team for your good work and investment in the Latin America Resource & Training Center. You were true 1 Cor. 15:58 servants… “ strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” Your good work helps us to empower leaders, train teachers and prepare resources for current and future harvest workers!