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2013 Mexico Educators Summit
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

2013 Mexico Educators Summit Group

The 2013 Mexico Educators Summit was by special request of the Superintendent and National Christian Education Director. This was a great opportunity since Mexico has had little participation in the other Summits. These leaders set the date and place: August 26-29 in Cancun.

2013 Mexico Educators SummitOur attendance goal was 400. We knew this Summit would be different. The 19 Spanish-speaking countries have been used to having the two Summits - one in Central America for the northern countries and one in the “Southern Cone”. The Summit was being planned for 75% Mexican participation. A total of 386 attended: 336 from Mexico and 50 from outside of Mexico. The Mexico delegation included dozens of members of the national presbytery.

The National Christian Education Director requested that we repeat the 2010 Summit theme of Priority 1: Transgenerational Ministry Training. 2nd Timothy 2:2 was the key verse that reminds us of our responsibility to pass on the faith, teaching and ministry to future generations.

Sherry and Miguel hard at work!One significant highlight was being able to introduce the Mexican delegates to the PROCEPA teacher certification program. We offered four workshop periods during the Summit with 6 or 7 different workshops during each period. Half of the workshops were part of the PROCEPA program. We were thrilled to have 301 of the 336 from Mexico take a least one PROCEPA workshop. Several spoke with us about their desire to continue on in the program. The basic level requires ten workshops. Even now plans are underway to offer National PROCEPA Seminars in Mexico.

We were grateful that Miguel Morales was able to take these days between Sundays of itineration to be with us. The Morales family are raising their budget to join us in Panama! Miguel coordinated all the workshops, and most importantly the PROCEPA certificates and seals!

SEC Team honoring the NicholsonsThe 2013 Mexico Summit also allowed us to present the ministries of Latin America Christian Education Services or SEC as it is known in Spanish. We are grateful for the strong participation of our international SEC team. A number of our missionaries are involved in leadership of our schools and educational services. Our team was able to recognize Dick and Cynthia Nicholson, retiring Latin America/ Caribbean Regional Directors for AGWM, for their participation in and contribution to the Christian education program in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Our SEC leaders met after the Summit for our annual meeting. The 80-member Mexico Christian Education Council also met. Several of us from the SEC team were asked to make a presentation to the Council about different SEC ministries.

Rod ministering in a general sessionThere is nothing that compares to the inspiring and fertile atmosphere of the Summits. It’s all about getting people together to focus on our foundational and common task of training workers for the harvest. People return to their places of ministry with renewed commitment and vision.

We met with the Superintendent and National Christian Education Director after the Summit to evaluate the event and work through the budget. They were so excited about what they had experienced. The superintendent said that he was going to set up a scholarship fund with the goal of helping 1,000 attend the next Summit!

Thank you to all that prayed for the Summit. It was a great success that will have a lasting impact on Mexico. You can watch the video version of the PowerPoint presentation by visiting the following page on our Spanish ministry website:  2013 Mexico Educators Summit Video.