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Little Davey Builds 75 Computers for Nicaragua Schools
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

A nine-member Little Davey Project team, led by David and Deborah Kaiser, built 75 computers for five Latin America ChildCare schools in Nicaragua the first week of March. We joined three members who arrived early to begin the assembling process that included the final installation and updating of software and the imaging of hard drives.

Two days later the remaining six team members arrived. Little Davey Project purchased and brought the internal components (motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive) and operating system for the computers, plus network hubs and cables. All 75 computers were assembled and operational by the following day, Sunday. And that included taking time to attend Sunday morning service!

Bonnie and Levys Hernandez served as our missionary hosts. They serve as coordinators for Latin America ChildCare in Nicaragua. We are grateful for their work to coordinate the logistics necessary to make the team’s time in Nicaragua meaningful.

The team visited five schools in four days. Each morning, we delivered 15 computers to a school. The team set up the computers, ran the network cables, connected them to the hub, and tested and configured each computer. While the technical team finished set-up and configuration, the rest of the team visited classrooms to teach English and share about life in the United States. When computer set-up was finished, we invited a group of children into the “instant” computer lab to test drive the new computers. This small group of children often grew to a crowd! The pastor and school director joined the group for prayer as we laid our hands on the new equipment and dedicated it to God's glory and transformed lives.

It is always amazing to see the reaction of the pastor and director. They simply can’t believe that such a large computer lab can be assembled so quickly! They are always overwhelmed by this incredible miracle and are so grateful for the generosity of the team. One member of the team shared about seeing the pastor weeping with his forehead against the wall.

But nothing compares to seeing the faces of the children as they start using their new computers! Although many children had seen or used a computer, it was a brand new experience for so many of these children. We demonstrated the use of the multimedia encyclopedia. The children looked up their country and located the city they live in. We researched tigers and watched a tiger hunt a monkey. The monkey always lost!

We were reminded that many things that are “old hat”—like using a mouse and keyboard—were very challenging to a lot of kids. We were also reminded about why we teach computers to these children. We are trying to give them a chance for eternity… and now! Teaching kids about Jesus gives them the opportunity to experience the transformation of heart and mind. Teaching them computers gives them the opportunity to use it.

Thank you, David and Deborah and team! Thank you for blessing so many children in Nicaragua. And thank you for your commitment to continue. Nicaragua was the third Little Davey Project team. They will be returning to Panama in September to build 75 new computers and another trip on the calendar for next March.

We are hoping that other churches will catch the vision for this new kind of ministry team. Although the need is great, much can be accomplished as we partner together with our LACC schools. If you are interested in getting in involved in helping to provide computers for LACC schools, please contact us or if you are able to give an offering, please click the following link to open the secure Assemblies of God online giving form. Please specify “Class 50, Computers” in the comments field.

If you are interested in the Little Davey Project, please visit their website.

Little Davey Tech Team 2008

Little Davey Tech Team 2008Little Davey Tech Team 2008

Little Davey Tech Team 2008

Little Davey Tech Team 2008Little Davey Tech Team 2008

Little Davey Tech Team 2008Little Davey Tech Team 2008

Little Davey Tech Team 2008