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Leaving a Lasting Legacy with Panama's Kuna Indians
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

Sitting after the rain stormWe were privileged to have Sherry’s uncle and new wife with us in August. This was Uncle Leroy's second trip to Panama. We made a trip to the islands of Nargana and Rio Tigre during their visit. Some may recall that Aunt Lorraine, Leroy’s first wife, passed away four years ago. A memorial was established in her honor with the funds going to help the Kuna work in the San Blas Islands. In addition, he has faithfully supported the Kuna work since then.

Presentation to the KunaUncle Leroy and Carol enjoyed the small plane ride to Nargana (which included an unscheduled “weather stop” to wait out a thunderstorm) and the canoe ride between Nargana and Rio Tigre. They met Pastor Benigno Gonzales and members of the two churches.  The children on both islands enjoyed having the special visitors. Uncle Leroy and Carol gave schools supplies to the Rio Tigre church. It was wonderful that Uncle Leroy was able to see the results of the investment in the islands. Pastor Benigno and the ladies from the church treated us to a lobster dinner.

Uncle LeroyPastor Benigno also shared about how God has been blessing the church. More than six new families have been won to the Lord since the Tennessee Pathfinders built the sanctuary last January. He shared the story of one of the recent converts. Last January he and Rod visited the man in his hut on Nargana. He had the reputation as a “drunk.” He had converted his home into a bar, of sorts, complete with a pool table! He was despondent—at his wit’s end. Rod was able to share Jesus with him and pray for him. He truly accepted the Lord! Benigno shared that his life completely changed and that he is now the men’s ministries leader in the church.

New church on NarganaBenigno also showed us the continued progress on the church building. The men in the church have finished the first-story floor, built additional benches for the sanctuary, built and installed two doors, applied stucco and painted the sanctuary. They were in the process of applying stucco to the front of the church while we were there and have plans to finish the outside of the church by the end of the year.

Thank you, Uncle Leroy, for your part in leaving a lasting legacy with Panama’s Kuna Indians in the San Blas Islands!

Please continue to pray for the Kuna work on the islands. Pray for the continued work on the church buildings on Nargana and Rio Tigre. Pray for the church on Playon Chico. They desperately need a church building. Pray that STL funds will be available for a new boat and outboard motor for the Kuna work—the mode of transportation on the islands.

Sherry with Kuna childrenYou can help leave a lasting legacy with Panama’s Kuna Indians. Send your offerings to:

Panama’s Project MADU (7623)
Assemblies of God World Missions
1445 Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802