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2012 Educators Summit:  Teaching with IMPACT
By Rod and Sherry Boyd

2012 Educators Summit
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The Lord’s presence was strong with us. 401 educators from 13 Latin American countries and the US gathered in San Jose, Costa Rica from April 16 to 19 for the “northern” version of the 2012 Educators Summit. The “southern” version will take place Sept. 10-13 in Lima, Peru. The Educators Summits are definitely surging.

Teaching with IMPACT was the theme of the Summit, with Romans 12:7 as the key verse: “If you are a teacher, teach well” (New Living Translation). We estimate that around 300 of the 400 present were pastors or pastors’ wives that are involved in teaching in Bible school.

The program included ten different general sessions: Devotionals, main teaching sessions and evening services. Our national superintendents taught and preached the devotionals and evening services. Different educational leaders taught the morning sessions. There were also 30 different workshops offered during the Summit that included all 15 of the PROCEPA basic level workshops.

PROCEPA is the teacher certification program that began in 2008. Teachers must take 10 (of the 15) basic level two-hour workshops to complete certification. There were five workshop periods during the Summit. However, we decided to offer a pre-Summit PROCEPA Seminar that allowed participants to take two additional workshops. There were 260 that attended the pre-Summit seminar!  We had 14 graduates the end of 2011.  That number has grown to 96 as a result of the Cumbre.  There are 1,828 teachers enrolled in PROCEPA.

Evident in recent years is a renewed commitment to ministerial training. It has taken several years to get the national Superintendents and Christian Education Directors “on board”. But this work has paid off in higher attendance at the Summits. The Educator Summits are the place to be! We are humbled to think of the extent of influence that these 401 have over thousands of students in dozens of Bible schools through Latin America!

Personal commitment is the first step. The theme and atmosphere of the Summit challenged each person to renew their personal commitment. Quite often a single chorus emerges during the various worship times as the theme chorus. The chorus “Creo en ti” (I Believe in You) became that chorus. Please take a few minutes to listen to this chorus while enjoying the Summit video. The words to the chorus follow in both Spanish and English. (You will be directed to the website. All of the general sessions are available for viewing… in Spanish.)

Thank you to all who have prayed for the Educator Summits. They are having a deep, lasting effect on the training of ministers for the harvest. Please pray with us for the upcoming “southern” version of the Summit that will be held Sept. 10-13 in Lima, Peru. Thank you for giving and for helping us raise up Christian leaders in Latin America!
2012 Educators Summit
2012 Educators Summit

2012 Educators Summit
2012 Educators Summit
2012 Educators Summit
2012 Educators Summit

Creo en ti

Quiero levantar mis manos
Maravilloso Jesús, milagroso Señor
Llena este lugar de tu presencia
Y has descender tu poder a los que estamos aquí

Creo en ti Jesús,
y en lo que harás en mi
Creo en ti Jesús,
y en lo que harás en mí
En mí.... en mi

Recibe toda la gloria
Recibe toda la honra
Precioso Hijo de Dios

I Believe in You

I want to lift up my hands
Marvelous Jesus, miraculous Lord
Fill this place with your presence
May your power fall
On all that are here

I believe in You Jesus
and what You will do in me
I believe in You Jesus
and what You will do in me
In me, in me

Receive all of the glory
Receive all of the honor
Precious Son of God